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Handsome hand-made moccasins

Jams, jellies and syrups made of local berries are popular

Find carvings made of soapstone, anorthisite, animal bone, antler and more

Tea dolls—an old tradition—is still alive in Labrador

Birches Gallery in Goose Bay has exclusive carvings by Innu, Inuit and Metis

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Labrador products - Rooted in tradition and inspired by culture

Products made from animal skin, stone and bone reflect Labrador's nomadic heritage and define traditions of the aboriginal groups. Many products have been influenced by sheer survival and are indicative of the lifestyle it has taken to succeed in the harsh climate of Labrador's beautiful, barren, but pristine environment.


Many of Labrador's traditional crafts are produced from by-product materials from hunting and fishing or natural materials gathered from the rocks, forest and barrens. Local creativity mixed with these materials have produced some of the world's most exquisite items including carvings made from soapstone, anorthisite, animal bone and antler; Inukshuks; caribou hair tufting; sealskin boots, slippers and mittens and Labrador sea grass products.


The use of technology and greater exposure to other areas has led Labrador artisans to combine their culture and traditions for contemporary designs with a difference. This has resulted in an expanded range of products so you’ll find jewellery, clothing, pottery, rugs and quilts, photography, Labrador tea dolls and parka people.


With hundreds of artisans and crafts people throughout local communities, we encourage you to try and connect with them during your visit. Find out their inspirations; witness their techniques and pick up a piece of work for your own collection through one of the local craft shops.


Another thing to ask about is Labrador preserves made from local berries. Berries are so plentiful here in the summer that jams and jellies are often available in local stores, gift shops or the farmer’s market in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.


Whatever you see here in Labrador you can be sure you will not find the same thing in any other part of the world.


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