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Abbey on “Monastery Island” Reichenau, Lake Constance

Panorama View of Mainau Island, Lake Constance

Beautiful Flower Garden on Mainau Island, Lake Constance

Castle Church and Palm House on Mainau Island, Lake Constance

Lighthouse and passenger boat in Lindau, Lake Constance

Beautiful view of Lindau Harbor, Lake Constance

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Lake Constance—one lake, three countries


The Bodensee (Lake Constance) is a fresh water lake, situated 1300 ft. above sea level on the river Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps. It is Europe’s third largest lake, consisting of three bodies of water: Obersee (Upper Lake), Untersee (Lower Lake), and a connecting stretch of the river Rhine called Seerhein (Rhine Lake). 236 Rivers and streams feed into the lake, but the Rhine is its main water source. The lake is named after an 8th-century Carolingian district, called Bodman.

The lake belongs to three countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is 63km long and almost 14km wide. Many south German cities are provided with water by Lake Constance.

Millions of tourists visit Lake Constance every year and enjoy everything this area has to offer: a perfect combination of nature, well developed infrastructure, history and traditions, a huge variety of sport activities and many culinary highlights.

The mild climate at the “Bodensee” helps the growth of lush, southern European vegetation and makes the region well suited to fruit and vine cultivation. The shores of Lake Constance are densely populated. In fact, the lake is surrounded by picturesque, historic towns and villages where you can still see many buildings from the Middle Ages.

Three islands are located in the lake: Reichenau, Mainau and Lindau.


The famous Flower Island Mainau is one of the major attractions, counting thousands of visitors every year. Numerous restaurants, playgrounds and attractions can be found on the island, for example the Butterfly House, the Italian Rose Garden, and the castle Deutschordenschloss, often referred to as the heart of the island.

The island Reichenau is located in the southern part of Lake Constance. Reichenau was declared World Heritage Site in 2000, due to its monastery, the Abby of Reichenau. Reichenau is well known for its vegetable farms, fisheries, and vineyards, but also for its Romanesque churches.

Lindau is a town and island located in the eastern part of Lake Constance. The fairly small island (0.26 square miles) is connected with the mainland by bridge and railway. Mountains or sea, action or relaxation, city life or idyllic rural surroundings, culture or nature… Lindau has many faces. Its major attractions are Lindau’s famous harbor with its 33 meter high lighthouse the Pulverturm, the Lindau Town Museum, the Diebsturm (a prison from the Middle Ages), the Peterskirche (Church of St. Peter) and the old gothic-styled town hall.