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Long Beach at Pacific Rim National Park


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Photos courtesey of Tourism BC/Tom Ryan/Adrian Dorst/Albert Normandin



For over 16 km a chain of beaches forms the seaside of Pacific Rim National Park between Tofino and Ucluelet. Long Beach is one of these and perhaps the most popular. In summer surfers, beachcombers, picnickers, snorkelers and divers, walkers, swimmers, wake boarders and Frisbee players all share the beach with families and pretty much anyone who likes the ocean but it rarely seems crowded. Long Beach is one of the largest beaches in Pacific Rim National Park.
In the winter Long Beach is shared between surfers and stormwatchers. Fully outfitted with rain gear, rubber boots, warm sweaters, hot drinks, a sense of adventure and a video camera storm watchers come out to walk the misty beaches during a west coast storm. If you go be sure to stay above the tide line and watch out for rogue waves and flying driftwood logs.
At any time of year this is an incredibly beautiful place complete with islands, rock outcroppings, long stretches of fine white sand, driftwood logs, dwarfed trees and tidal pools at low tide.


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