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Lucerne – a culinary event for everyone

Birnewegge (Pear Bread) – a speciality of Lucerne
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Lucerne restaurants offer a world-class gastronomy that includes the local specialities as well as a top-level international cuisine. The Lake Lucerne Region alone localizes over 15 restaurants awarded by Gault Millau as well as dozens of other well-regarded places to eat. Top chefs as well as the locals favour the weekly markets (fish market, fruit & vegetable market) in Lucerne’s Old Town to buy fresh products that come from local producers. Whether it be fresh perch, whitefish, the distinctive Dallenwiler mountain cheese, the tasty Engelberg goat cheese or the real typical and flavourful Swiss Suurteigbrot (sourdough bread), the Lucerne food market offers all the regional culinary treats. The market takes place three times a week and is perfect for taking a stroll and absorbing “tasty” impressions.

There are various national dishes that you should try while vacationing in central Switzerland. The Lucerne “Chüglipastete” (meat pie) is one of those typical specialities. This historic and hearty dish which was originally served during the Carnival celebration dates back to the 18th century and is a pie filled with ragout made of veal and sausage meat balls. As an after-dinner drink we suggest a “Kafi Luz” – coffee with fruit brandy. This type of “pimped” coffee has its roots in an old rural habit when farmers would drink Schnapps before breakfast. If you are more into sweet-tasting dishes, the Lucerne “Birnewegge” (pear bread), “Gezoepfelter Bummel” (braided roll) and the “Wetterfroschtorte” (a coffee and plum brandy-scented cake) are real must-tries.

Switzerland is homeland to the art of cheese making and the Lucerne Lake Region offers great cheese specialties. One of those is the “Sbrinz”: a spicy tasting, hard grating cheese. This cheese must age for at least 18 months, but real connoisseurs know, that the older the cheese, the more delicate and aromatic its taste. Today, over 30 cheese dairies in the region produce this cheese from the best-quality raw milk.

If you want to experience different local culinary places during one lunch and get to know the city at the same time, we recommend the “lunch hopper city tour” - while strolling around town and passing the historic landmarks of Lucerne, you also stop at different restaurants for starter, main course and desert. That way, you’ll never be hungry on your city tour.To finish your day with an amazing Lucerne impression, the terrace of “Restaurant Olivo”, located in a palace, is a lovely place to be. A great view of Lake Lucerne accompanied by Mediterranean culinary delights and a baroque ambience are the three top ingredients for this dinner event.


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