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Luxemburg combines beautiful buildings with amazing scenery

View on the Neumunster Abbey

A terrace in the popular area Grund

Quite a few buildings of the European Union are in Luxembourg

Promenade Corniche, “the most beautiful balcony of Europe”


View on the Bock Casemates, the underground defence works

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Luxurious Luxembourg





  • Chic shopping
  • Historical sites
  • International focus
  • Underground defence works
  • Perfect getaways
  • Great accommodations



Luxembourg might be small, but the luxurious little nation is a great place to indulge in outstanding food, great shopping and some fine city and outdoor life. Surrounded by bigger countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, Luxembourg has a central position in Northern Europe. Approximately half a million people live in the hilly and quaint country, known for its forests, castles and knowledge of languages: Luxembourg has three official languages, French, German and Luxembourgish, the latter being a mixture of various languages.    

Luxembourg is very international. In the streets, you will hear all kinds of languages. Due to a strong international focus, the country is home to many banks and other financial institutions. Also, the European Court of Justice is based in Luxembourg City, the capital of the country.

The international focus has had its effect: per capita, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world according to the International Monetary Fund.  And it shows: beautiful houses and cars everywhere, but in a rather modest fashion. Luxembourg is definitely not the capital of bling, but a chic style is all important. The capital of Luxembourg is well-known for its chic shopping streets and its stylish inhabitants. The prime shopping area is in the old town, which is also home to some extraordinary buildings and historical places.    

One of the highlights is “the Bock”, a historical site with the uncovered foundation walls of the first stronghold.  Here you also find the Bock Casemates and the Archeological Crypt, underground defence works built in the midst of the eighteenth century. These are definitely worth a visit! Standing on the Bock, you will have a splendid view over the lower part of town, including the philharmonic concert building and Neumünster Abbey.  

The countryside of Luxembourg is friendly, with its hills and little villages; a favorite place being the forest of Berdorf, close to Echternach. It is like being in a mystic, fairy tale world, with its huge trees and high rocks. A perfect getaway for a hiking tour! It takes only 40 minutes to get from Luxembourg City to Berdorf.