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Maastricht - the culinary capital of the Netherlands

Trendy Beluga Restaurant
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For the food lovers among travelers – who isn’t? – Maastricht is a true paradise. Not only does it offer a wide range of ethnic cuisines, including many regional specialties, but the fact that many of the restaurants are located in interesting historic buildings, such as castles, churches, farmhouses and country estates, adds greatly to the whole dining experience.


Some of the local specialities that you may want to try:


  • The free range Livar pork, produced locally at the centuries old Lilbosch Abbey and several other select locations, is more fatty than regular pork, which keeps it deliciously moist and tender .
  • Limburger mustard is another specialty of the region.
  • Whether you believe all the claims of the health benefits of asparagus or not, the locally grown asparagus is definitely considered one of the regional specialties of the province of Limburg.
  • The vlaai is a pie filled with different kinds of fruit, or rice. The dough is not like a typical pie dough, but more like a bread dough, since it contains yeast.
  • The people in Limburg know how to have a good time, and perhaps their joie-de-vivre is partly due to the great beers that are produced locally by a few dozen micro-breweries.


Here’s a sampling of some of the great restaurants in Maastricht:

If you’re looking for haute cuisine, Beluga is definitely among the top choices. It’s trendy, modern and simple yet impressive. It consistently gets top ratings for food and service.

The 17th century Château Neercanne is located in the beautiful Jeker Valley at the edge of Maastricht, right on the Belgian border. The chateau produces its own pinot noir from its own vineyard, and its wine cellars, located in the Roman caves of the castle, are impressive. The castle’s baroque gardens have in recent years been restored to their former glory and have been recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. The superb restaurant as well as the outdoor terrace offer a stunning view of the gardens. Call ahead to make a reservation.

A restaurant that combines sophistication and international flair with local hospitality is ‘t Plenske. Its dishes have a distinct touch of Dutch, and the deserts are quite artistic.

A Dutch culinary journey is not complete without a visit to an Indonesian restaurant. At Gadjah Mas they serve a great “rijsttafel”, with a delectable assortment of dishes.

A typical Maastricht restaurant is ‘t Pieke Potloed, which serves many regional specialties, perfected to their own style.

At Steam Brewery De Keyzer N.A. Bosch, founded in 1758, but no longer operational, it’s still possible to go on a guided tour (also English-spoken) to see the well-preserved beer brewing facilities and original equipment. Beer (and cheese) tasting is included.


Also not a restaurant, but certainly worth mentioning is Bisschopsmolen, a bakery where the art of bread making is taken very seriously. Ancient spelt wheat, commonly used in their breads, is one of the ingredients that are sourced locally. They are especially proud of their hazelnut-yogurt bread.


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