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Typical Montreal street in the winter

The Olympic Park at night

Place d’Armes in Old Montreal

The home of the 1976 Olympics with downtown and ‘the Mount’ in the background

Night lights of Montreal

Military history at Fort de l’île Saint-Hélène

Fall Colours in Montreal

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Montreal – Canada’s bilingual city


As the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, Montreal has an undeniably French flavour, but it is also home to hundreds of thousands of people who call English their first language. Once the economic heart of Canada, some would say it is now the cultural heart of Canada. This island city in the middle of the St. Lawrence River is full of fashion boutiques, international restaurants and some of the best hotels in Canada. It is also home to 4 universities – two French and two English. The population of Greater Montreal is approximately 3.6 million, with 53% of its inhabitants bilingual (French and English) and 20% using a third language (in addition to French and English).

Montreal was designated a UNESCO City of Design – a distinction it shares with Berlin and Buenos Aires. From the well preserved Old Montreal with cobblestone streets and tiny shops to Mount Royal, the mountain which gives the city its name with a huge park covering most of its slopes, Montreal is broken up into dozens of villages, neighbourhoods each with their own flavour and focus.

Home to the 1976 Summer Olympics and Expo 1967, Montreal has played host to events and conferences large and small from all over the world. These events have made Montreal feel like a very international and cosmopolitan city, a city full of coffee shops, delis and pubs filled with people from all over the world visiting festivals all year round.

From fantastical and unique restaurants to outdoor recreation right in the heart of the city to being one of the best places to bike in North America – despite the frigid winter weather – Montreal truly has something to offer any traveller. Any of the over 6000 restaurants will fill you up after a long day exploring, playing and shopping in Montreal.