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Munich Palace, former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs


Kaisersaal of the Munich Palace
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The Muenchner Residenz (Munich Palace) is the largest city palace in Germany. The former royal palace of the Bavarian Monarchs is located right in the heart of Munich, and is open to the public. Thousands of visitors come to see and study its architecture, room decorations and former royal collections. 


Floor plan of the palace.


The history of the Munich Residence begins in 1385. Duke Stephan III started construction of the grand palace with the Neuveste, the “new fortress” and its large moats.


The Munich Palace used to be the seat of government and residence of the Bavarian dukes, electors and kings from 1508 to 1918. Over the centuries, the castle was transformed into a magnificent palace, its buildings and gardens extending further and further into the town of Munich. 


The palace consists of three main parts: Koenigsbau, Alte Residenz and the Festsaalbau. The Cuvillies Theatre and the Herkulessaal (Hercules Hall) are located in a wing of the Festsaalbau. The Hercules Hall is mostly used by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra for their concerts. 


The palace counts a total of ten courtyards.


Many different eras can be found in its architecture, interior design and art collections: from Renaissance, over early Baroque and Rococco to Neoclassic. 


The 130 rooms of the Residence Munich have been filled with furniture and oil paintings, tapestries and porcelain from the best artists of their time. In addition to the showrooms, numerous special collections such as silver, porcelain or relic rooms are also exhibited. 


The Treasury of the Residenz offers a unique gold work variety from the Middle Ages to the classicism period. Its collection also contains precious works made of mountain crystal and ivory, gems, jewelry, tableware, right up to Ottoman daggers.


A number of museums can be found in the palace complex: The Residenz Museum (Palace Museum), the Cuvillies Theatre and the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche (Court Church of All Saints). 


Nowadays, a number of event rooms in the palace can be booked for private parties, receptions, concerts or other functions. 


The size of the estate, its history and its glamour will captivate visitors of all ages. Make sure you put the Munich Residence on your list of must-sees while visiting Munich.