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Netherlands - enjoy great dinners, cheese and pancakes



De Waag
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The food craze has hit the Netherlands and the results are impressive. One great restaurant after the other opens its doors, and the food quality is better than ever. Since the Netherlands is a very international country, you will find great cuisines from all over the world. At the same time, lately there is a trend towards more local products, fresh and straight from the local farmer. This means you will be served lots of delicious seasonal dishes, with strawberries in summer time, nuts in autumn and asparagus in spring. Summer time is also the best period to eat herring, the raw fish that locals are mad about. You are supposed to hold the raw fish by its tail, while you eat it head up.     

Traditionally, the Dutch cuisine has potatoes, vegetables and meat as its main ingredients. Although most restaurants serve fusion food, you will be able to find some restaurants with the traditional cuisine. And don’t miss out on pancakes and “poffertjes”, the mini version of pancakes. In the Netherlands pancakes are not a snack but full dinners. Eat your pancakes with cheese and bacon, topped off with syrup or sugar – an absolute treat.

You can’t visit the Netherlands without trying one of the Dutch top products: cheese. You will probably know the cheese types Gouda or Edam, which are named after towns in the Netherlands. But why not try a really old cheese like Old Amsterdam? Or a super young cheese (best in spring time) like grass cheese? Visit one of the specialized cheese shops and indulge in the many cheese options the Netherlands has to offer.

Autumn and winter are great months to try some local delights. For the “Sinterklaas” feast (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) on 5 December all supermarkets are packed with marzipan in various shapes and sizes (even fruit baskets and vegetables) and the famous “pepernoten”, little cookies with cinnamon, which most Dutchies are addicted to. People also go mad over “oliebollen”, round fritters with apple and raisins, which are served at New Year’s. All year round, you can enjoy “stroopwafels”, two waffles with syrup in between. Yum!