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Netherlands: enjoy the beauty of the flower fields

Traders checking the quality of the flowers
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Visiting the Netherlands, you can’t miss out on a flower experience. But what are the best places to enjoy this floral beauty? Chichaku gives you some tips. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths – spring bulbs in every color you can imagine can be enjoyed in the Keukenhof, a historic park in the midst of the flower fields. In spring time, no less than 7 million flowers blossom at the Keukenhof! It is only open nine weeks a year, so in that period there is a big rush to get in. The easiest is to get there by car or by bus. In springtime, special flower shuttle buses will depart from Schiphol, Leiden and The Hague station. At the Keukenhof website, you can buy a combi ticket for the bus and entrance to the park. This ticket costs 21 euros for adult; a single entrance fee is 14,50 euros for adults. The park is open from March 22 till May 20.  

One of the highlights of the flower season is the flower parade, which takes place yearly on the 3rd Saturday of April. It is like a flower carnival. All kinds of large decorated vehicles – from flower dragons to complete mobile flower villages – follow a 40 kilometer long route. The procession goes from the town Noordwijk to Haarlem and is a great free experience. Almost free is a train ride between Haarlem and Leiden. The train goes right through the flower fields, so in spring you will have a spectacular view over the beautiful fields.

If you are not in the Netherlands in springtime, but you would like to have a “flower experience”, visit the flower auction (Bloemenveiling) in Aalsmeer, right next to Schiphol. Every day, millions of flowers are sold at the auction to the rest of the world. As a visitor, you see all the auction action happening whilst enjoying the beauty of the flowers. Be there as early as you can, because most of the trading happens in the morning. Opening hours: working days from 7:00 AM until 11:00 AM. On Thursdays until 9:00 AM. Contact the flower auction in advance if you would like to join a guided tour.