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Scheveningen is the perfect place to follow a surfing course

When the wind is right, kite surfing is super challenging

The seas and lakes of the Netherlands provide great fishing grounds

Everywhere in the country you can rent boats or take a course

A sailor with the Rotterdam skyline as a backdrop

Making a bike tour is one of the best ways to explore the country.

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Netherlands: water - a great source of fun





  • Go sailing
  • Take a bike tour
  • Bike lanes everywhere
  • For the brave: kite surfing
  • Surfing the waves
  • Great festivals



Of course, water can be a huge enemy. But why not make it your best friend? That’s what the Dutch do in the Netherlands. And they will help you to enjoy it as well. One of the favorite water activities is sailing or boating. Be it on a little boat on the Amsterdam canals or on a serious sailing ship on the IJsselmeer Lake: when the sun is out, it is one of the best ways to enjoy all the water in this country.

There are many more ways to enjoy the canals, lakes and the sea.  The IJsselmeer as well as Scheveningen, the harbor of The Hague, are the prime locations for surfers. Whenever there is enough wind to build waves, the surfers are out having a good time. Take a course and have a go at it yourself. The Dutch waves are not extremely high, so they serve well as a learning ground for beginners. More advanced surfers will also enjoy the waves and the really brave ones can speed it up by kite surfing.

How about a fishing trip? The many canals and lakes outside of the cities are great places to catch fish. Alternatively, you can go on a sea fishing trip off the Scheveningen harbor. Leave early in the morning and come back with a large fish on your hook.    

On land, the best way to explore the Netherlands is by taking a bike tour. The Netherlands is a bicyclist’s paradise. Since almost all roads are flat, it is an easy way to get around. Almost every road in the country has bike lanes and car drivers are very considerate. All through the country, you can find bicycle routes. If you like hills, go to the southern province of Limburg, close to the German border. The hilly landscape is breathtaking.