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Niagara Falls - one of the Seven Wonders of Canada

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Niagara Falls is one of those must-see destinations in the world.  The sheer power and thunder of the water pouring 55 metres over the cliff to crash in a constant thunder on the rocks and water below is mesmerising. It is also possible to see Niagara Falls from a boat – the Maid of the Mist, till 2012 when it will be changing to a new company – or from tunnels behind the falls where you can look out at the curtain of falling water.


For those wanting a more distant perspective, the Skylon tower rises above the city of Niagara Falls and gives a bird’s eye view over the falls and surrounding countryside, or you can hire a helicopter to get a much higher view.


Just a two hour drive from Toronto, Niagara is possible as a day trip, but there is so much to see that it makes sense to take extra time and really explore the area, visit some wineries and shoot a round or two of golf.


Niagara Falls was named the ‘Honeymoon capital of the world’ – an unofficial title – after Aaron Burr’s daughter and Napoleon’s brother both chose this as a honeymoon destination in 1801 and 1804 respectively. Now more than 50,000 couples come to Niagara every year for their honeymoon.


Golf and wine are also very big attractions here. Niagara sits on the edge of Canada’s largest wine region and there are literally dozens of golf courses scattered through the countryside around Niagara Falls. There are also a large number of hiking trails, bike routes, spas, and of course the chance to try your luck at one of the games in Niagara Falls.


Being a tourist destination as well as a honeymoon destination has meant that Niagara Falls has a huge range of hotels and other accommodations and places to eat. Here you can find everything from fine dining to street food and intimate B&Bs to luxury suites overlooking the Falls.


Niagara Falls is on the border of Canada and the United States and you can visit numerous historic sites from the War of 1812. It is also the end of the Freedom Trail – also known as the Underground Railroad - which was the route for slaves escaping persecution in the US. Relations are much friendlier now, with three bridges linking the two countries.


Of course Niagara Falls has attracted a large number of daredevils – people risking their lives going over the falls in barrels or crossing above the falls on tightropes. Most don’t survive but a surprising few do – including one very lucky 7 year old boy who was swept over the falls wearing just a lifejacket and survived.