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Imagine handmade books like this

Nature provides lots of fodder for inspirational art work

Pottery makes the perfect souvenir

Unique renderings of local places

One-of-a-kind purses are sure to please

Hand made delectables abound in the province

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One-of-a-kind items, found only in Newfoundland


Traditional crafts like knitting, mat making, and carving can be found in many areas of the province. To these have been added visual arts like painting, print making and photography in recent decades. You’ll find styles that are unique to certain areas, especially in things like knitting patterns for mittens and scarves. You’ll find everything from pottery to pewter jewelry, soapstone to water colours. Anything with a Crafts of Character emblem is a quality piece. Many craft stores are associated with historic sites and community museums.


As you might expect, local themes dominate. This is especially true in painting where the landscape offers a never-ending source of inspiration.


For contemporary items like clothing, footwear, outdoor gear, jewelry, hardware, electronics and much more, the cities of St. John’s and Corner Brook have many stores and malls where the selection is great. However, even smaller towns have gift shops and you’ll find many unique souvenirs in corner shops, museums and galleries.