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Ontario’s wine country

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There are four official wine growing regions in Ontario; the Niagara Peninsula, the North Shore of Lake Erie, Pelee Island and Prince Edward County.

Ontario’s Niagara region includes well over 100 wineries and is home to Canada’s most expensive ice wine—one bottle fetched over $30,000. The Niagara wine country can be easily reached as a day trip from Toronto, but it is best explored in a more leisurely way—take time to visit the wineries, sample the wines and stay in some of the historic local accommodations. Or make it an overnight stop on a trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Many wineries offer tours followed by a tasting. 

Prince Edward County is about half way between Toronto and Kingston on Lake Ontario’s north shore. Ontario’s new wine region has a ‘Taste Trail’ which allows you to drive easily from winery to winery. Check into an old B&B or a boutique property and make sure to visit Kingston, home to Queen’s University and lots of history.

The last two wine regions are almost one in location but not in climate—Pelee Island is as far south as it is possible to get in Canada. Lake Erie’s North Shore is a four-hour drive southwest of Toronto; from here, take a 90-minute ferry to Pelee Island for tasty Riesling white wine.


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