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Panorama – a combination of sport and outdoor adventure

Greywolf Golf Course nestles in the Purcell Mountains in the Kootenay Rockies region of British Columbia
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Panorama’s Greywolf Golf Course nestles in between dramatic mountain ridges, with only the occasional rustic holiday home overlooking the emerald course. The thin mountain air adds another dimension to the game, with dramatic elevation changes challenging distance perception. It is mountain golf at its pinnacle with an expert design from Canadian architect, Doug Carrick who has capped the collection of par-3s with a challenging Cliffhanger hole.


But it’s not just golf and sport at Panorama. Operating as a world-class ski resort in winter, the village has a plethora of other amenities and facilities to complement its golf from May through October. The spa has all the usual treatment rooms as well as huge, outdoor hot pools with appropriately panoramic views. There are different dining options – from pub to pricey – and several shops right in the resort.


Director of Golf Chad Thomlinson says Greywolf is a “world class golf operation” which has been consistently ranked as BC’s best golf course by Golf Digest magazine. Thomlinson says many visitors think he has “the dream job”. But, with customer service a top priority for the club, managing the 80-strong team of staff is a considerable responsibility.


Panorama’s personnel comes from all over the world. “We have a small local base but 90 per cent of our applications come from outside western Canada,” says Thomlinson. He recruits golf fans from universities across Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand and the UK. “If they love golf and can talk golf it increases the customer service potential,” Thomlinson explains.


In the valley below Panorama is the quaint little town of Invermere with many unique shops and restaurants. Golf proliferates throughout the whole area with courses adjacent to luminous lakes and rivers with magnificent mountain backdrops. There are also several thermal hotsprings for some apres-golf relaxation.


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