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Paragliding in Villars

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By Jonathon Reynolds 

Looking down between my boots I can see the village of Villars spread out below me. Looking up I see the arc of the paragliding canopy, and in my ears is the sound of the wind and the pilot – Guy Bertrand – softly singing. It is a magical moment – the mountains spread out below us in every direction, the white massif of Mount Blanc rising in the distance, while far below in the fields around Villars cows walk in the pastures. We can faintly hear the sound of the cowbells, each bell ringing with a slightly different tone.


A paragliding tandem flight can be the high point – quite literally – of a magical adventure trip through the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland. As we ride the winds and fly higher into the air, I can see over the tops of the mountains to the other villages - Château-d'Oex is just out of sight over the mountain but to my right is Leysin and at the end of the valley is Les Diablerets, with the glacier looming over the village. In the distance I can see the sunlight sparkling off the water of Lake Leman (Lake Geneva) and on the far side the terraced green of the Lavaux vineyards, where we did some amazing cycling.


Paragliding in Villars starts with a ride up the mountain on the chairlift – ski lifts work year round here, taking hikers to the high alpine meadows and folks like us to a perfect spot to run off a mountain. Once at the top we roll out the canopy and soon it is high above us, gently tugging at our harnesses wanting to take us higher. With a short run we suddenly are free of the earth, skimming the tree tops below us, with the scent of pine rising on the morning sun. A warm draft of air carries us higher and higher until with regret we slowly start to spiral down towards the village far below. A full 40 minutes after we launched ourselves into the air we land in a mall meadow close to the bottom of the chairlift. A short walk through town brings us back to our hotel, but my mind is still floating far above, remembering the view back over the mountains and out over the lake.


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