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Paris - relax with a "Bateaux Mouches" trip down the Seine


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The river Seine winds through Paris passing major monuments as it goes, and being on the famous Bateaux Mouches or "fly boats" of Paris—with their glass roofs—means you can see them in comfort.  The name Bateaux Mouches was originally the name of just one company’s boats, Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches, the best known excursion operator, but now is used to describe them all.

Sitting comfortably, and with the glass roof open on warm days, you glide past Paris’ monuments and sights such as Eiffel Tower; Notre-Dame Cathedral; the Alexander III Bridge, the Pont Neuf; the Orsay Museum, and the Louvre Museum.

Recorded commentaries are usually available in all languages, so all you have to do is relax as you sail along, away from the busy life of Paris and yet still in its centre. The trips are wonderful in the daytime, but the real magic happens at night.

Book a cruise that includes a gourmet dinner and you may well have one of the most romantic evenings of your stay. Paris is lit up as you set sail, the monuments and buildings taking on a new life as evening falls. Musicians may welcome you on board with classic melodies to accompany your trip and the menus can be exciting and interesting, made all the better by being served as you admire the view of Paris and scent the fresh air.

Perhaps some smoked foie gras with toasted, peppery mini baguette as you drift past the Eiffel Tower? Followed by slow cooked lamb shank, courgette and couscous, and of course you end the meal in the classic French way with a selection of fine cheese before dessert.

Most cruises take about an hour and for dinner or lunch cruises it’s best to book ahead, but for standard cruises simply turn up and buy a ticket. Many cruises also offer the option to get off at special points and view the landmarks on foot before getting back on and then continuing your special journey down one of the world’s classic and much-loved rivers.