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Nothing beats eating oysters fresh from the sea

There are countless places to dine on the Island where local food reigns

Clam bakes featuring clams, lobster and mussels are popular

Served fresh every day, one of many culinary delights on the Island

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Prince Edward Island

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PEI – A food mecca of the world


PEI is referred to as the million acre farm, and is becoming the destination of choice for food lovers. No wonder it has a world-class month long food festival each fall. Lobster suppers are a Prince Edward Island tradition. Lobster, fresh rolls, local produce and potato salad—these are all the elements of a traditional Prince Edward Island lobster supper. You can find them in church basements, or at restaurants overlooking the water. Don’t forget to have some lemon pie for desert!


Long recognized as one of the world's finest oysters, Malpeques from Prince Edward Island have an unequalled taste, superior appearance and excellent keeping quality. Oysters are a versatile seafood. In the shell they can be baked, steamed, grilled; shucked oysters are excellent deep-fried, sauteed, grilled, in chowders, soups, stews, pies, casseroles, stuffings, dressings, or as an appetizer or main course. The Malpeque is also excellent on the half shell, served “as is” with nothing but its own juices. Mussels are another treat. Island Blue Mussels are grown in the bays and inlets and have become world-famous.


PEI features Rossignol Winery—famous for the blueberry wine made from fresh Island blueberries. Wander around their estate, taste their wines, and if you are lucky, you will visit on their annual blueberry stomp. The island also has Prince Edward Distillery—home to Canada’s first vodka distilled from potatoes. Vodka made from potatoes is noted for its lightly creamy texture. Its taste is silky and smooth. Prince Edward Vodka uses world famous, locally grown Prince Edward Island potatoes exclusively to craft vodka we think you’ll find exceptional.


And who doesn’t love ice cream? COWS Creamery began to make ice cream in 1983 with an old-fashioned recipe that dates back to the time of Anne of Green Gables and contains the same all-natural ingredients. There are over 32 flavors of COWS ice cream to delight the taste buds. All of their ice creams contain fresh cream, real eggs, sugar and natural fruits like strawberries that are grown locally.


Prince Edward Island is a berry lover’s paradise. Imagine spending an hour or two in a sunny PEI berry patch, picking succulent strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. U-picks, where you can pick your own, are popular across the Island. If you prefer buying your berries, you can easily do so at roadside stands, markets, and grocers, or you can taste them in restaurant desserts across the Island. Bonus: you can bring them home with you in their Island jams, jellies, and acclaimed blueberry vodka.


Must-tries in PEI:

  • lobsters
  • Malpeques oysters
  • blueberry wine and Prince Edward Vodka
  • COWS ice cream