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Phoenix is an especially good place for finding top Native American arts and crafts

One of the best places for Native American gifts is the Heard Museum
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IPhoenix you can find numerous large shopping malls, so if you want the modern American shopping experience then you're in the best place in the whole of Arizona. If you take in neighboring and more upscale Scottsdale too, then you're in a shopper's paradise.


If you want distinctive work from the south-west, which you can find nowhere else, then head straight for the shop at the Heard Museum. The Heard Museum has one of the finest collections of Native American arts and crafts in the world, and in its store you'll find a large and exciting array of items for sale. The Heard Museum has built up good relations with the best local artists and artisans, and as such is able to obtain some of the very best objects to sell in its shop. You'll find many marvelous baskets and other woven items, from the tiniest to the largest, and the jewelry and ceramics it also sells are superb. You can buy many smaller gifts too, and craft kits to enable you to try to make some of the items yourself.


There are many other outlets for Native American arts and crafts, with one of the best specialist stores being Drumbeat Indian Arts. This shop does sell craft items, including individual objects like beads and feathers, as well as blankets, books, bandanas, shells, and porcupine quills. The shops is, however, most noted for its collection of Native American music, including DVDs as well as CDs. There is music recorded at sacred ceremonies and haunting ethereal sounds through to the modern sounds of Native American rock 'n' roll bands.


If it's Mexican culture that you're interested in then drive out to the suburb of Guadalupe where you'll find the Mercado Mexico. It's one of the best shops around Phoenix for selling the vivid and colorful Mexican ceramics at fair prices. It's a family-run business that has been here for over 30 years, and as well as home and garden items they sell paintings, craft items, religious items, weavings, and many other authentic Mexican souvenirs.


It's also worth checking out the Camelback Market, which is held every Saturday morning from October to May in the parking lot of the Vincent on Camelback Restaurant (see Phoenix taste page). This is where local food suppliers come to sell their produce, so it's a great opportunity to buy those local spices and sauces which give Mexican and south-western food its flavor. And even if you take nothing home with you, there are plenty of opportunities to taste things while you're there!


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