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Sanssouci Palace is Potsdam’s most famous landmark

The Potsdam Film Museum is the oldest of its type in Germany

Potsdams surroundings are a mecca for nature enthusiasts

The New Palace shows off incredible splendour that reminds of Versaille

Explore Potsdam districs and the Dutch Quarter by bike

Charlottenhof Palace is located in Sanssouci Park

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Potsdam - a splendid city of fabulous palaces and gardens


Potsdam is the capital of the German federal state of Brandenburg. Until 1918, the city was the residence for the kings of Prussia. The great impact this had on Potsdam is still noticeable today when looking at the city’s cultural and architectural splendour. In Germany, Potsdam has the status Windsor has for England. Therefore, the city may very well be described to be one of Germany’s most beautiful towns. Its glorious history, the unique location on the waterfront, impressive architecture and a multifaceted cultural programme, make Potsdam an attractive travel destination. Since Potsdam is rather close to Berlin, you may explore the city on a day-trip. Those who want see it all and get a feel for the city’s cultural richness should stay longer.

Among Potsdam’s best places of interest and also part of the UNESCO world heritage are the gardens and palaces. They bear witness to a glorious past and the city’s exclusive status as the summer residence of the Prussian kings. The most impressive palace of them all is Sanssouci Palace, a leading example of German splendid rococo architecture. Strolling through Potsdam’s downtown, visiting the Dutch Quarter and the Russian Colony of Alexandrowka or exploring nearby nature and destinations such as Peacock Island and the Crown Estate of Bornstedt are much recommended activities.

Beyond Potsdam’s impressive historical architecture and parks, the city also offers a great variety of modern culture and art. The Nikolaisaal concert hall, the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History, the Film Museum Babelsberg as well as numerous festivals throughout the year provide plenty of opportunities to complement your sightseeing experience.

There are different ways of exploring Potsdam’s beauty. By bike, you are able to see almost all of the major sights and even visit nearby towns and villages. If you prefer to just relax and be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes of Potsdam, we recommend a boat journey along the Havel river and the nearby lakes.