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Fun on a bike – A great way to explore the city

Winter Beauty in Quebec City

A winding street leading down to old Quebec City

Ice canoe races across the St. Lawrence River – A yearly event in Quebec City

Historical Re-enactment in Place Royale, the heart of Old Quebec City

Typical Street scene in Old Quebec City

Chateau Frontenac and the St. Lawrence River, two icons of Quebec City

Old Quebec City buildings near the Plains of Abraham

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Quebec City, from romance to history to shopping to fine cuisine - all this and more.


Quebec City celebrated its 400th birthday a few years ago and all that history is still very much on display. It is the only city in Canada or the USA which still has its original walls intact. The old city is like walking into the past – a past where everything works and is very romantic. Quebec City is very French – but a Canadian French – a culture all its own with 400 years of development behind it. This is found in the food (rich and the type to keep you warm on a winter night), in the festivals - racing canoes across an ice choked river, or skating down a hill as fast as possible with literally no way to stop, or a huge winter festival which has been going on since 1880 – and mostly in the warm welcome the people extend to visitors. Any attempt to speak French is applauded – although they may switch to English if they can to make it easier for English speakers – and I have always found the residents of Quebec City to be very helpful.

The ancient buildings of the old city are overshadowed by the historic Chateau Frontenac – some people claim it is the most photographed hotel in the world – which stands above the city like a medieval castle. The city has few modern buildings and wandering its streets is very similar to wandering the streets of many European cities. The difference is Quebec City has nature at her doorstep. Waterfalls, hiking, paddling and farming communities are all just minutes from the city.  Quebec is a very seasonal city, embracing winter as much as summer, and putting on a mantle of gold and scarlet for the autumn.

Great accommodations, fantastic food, unique and exclusive shopping combine with festivals, fun and romance to make Quebec City one of the favourite travel destinations in North America.