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Vineyard in the Rhine Valley

Goethe Paddle Steamer at the Loreley Rock

Deutsches Eck: Confluence of the Rhine and Moselle

Fall in the Rhine Valley

Bacharach - View of the middle RhineValley

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Rhine Valley—legendary landscape, ancient history and culinary delights


The Rhine Valley is full of wine, castles and museums - few other regions around the world are so densely packed with authentic historical attractions.

Following the 1,320-km course of the Rhine from its source in Switzerland to the river's mouth in the North Sea, the most interesting section is without doubt the Middle Rhine and the Rhine Valley between Mainz and Bonn. This area is part of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO world heritage site. With its many castles, it is the epitome of a romantic German landscape.

The narrowness of the valley, the untamed river waters and the mysterious echo contribute to the myth of the Loreley, the blond siren on the rock who once lured sailors to their death, here where the Rhine is at its narrowest, with her beguiling song and mysterious beauty. Now the Loreley open-air theatre hosts rock, pop and folklore events. This region has been shaped by myths, sagas, legends and fairytales, not to mention historical and political events, medieval battles, religious feuds and spiritual and military conflicts. The Rhine has more castles along its length than any other river in the world. Built to protect power and possessions, they were not only well-fortified residences and refuges, but also lucrative customs posts and hideouts for infamous robber barons.

Thanks to its favorable geological location, the Rhine Valley is covered in vineyards, originally planted by the Romans. During the day the sun warms the grapes on the vines and in the evening the golden wines sparkle in the glass.


Further downstream the densely wooded Siebengebirge hills - Germany's smallest nature reserve and a fabled landscape of cone-shaped hills and rounded peaks - mark the end of the Middle Rhine. Besides walking and cycling, a boat ride is one of the most delightful ways to discover the picturesque Rhine Valley.

The annual Rhine in Flames event is a wonderful illuminated spectacle that attracts visitors from all over the world. The dazzling firework displays can be enjoyed from the banks of the river or from the deck of a boat.

Prepare to be inspired by the river and the legendary landscape, just as great poets and thinkers were many years ago.


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