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Richmond is the first place most people traveling to British Columbia visit because Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is in Richmond on one of the 17 islands on which Richmond sits. The Sky Train connects Richmond to Vancouver - a short 20 minute ride from Richmond puts you in downtown Vancouver. Richmond is also a great place to explore by bicycle. Over 90 parks and 80 km of interconnected bike paths and trails Richmond make it easy to get around by bicycle. Many of these trails are along the top of dykes holding back the sea – city on one side and ocean on the other.


Food and shopping are two main focuses of visiting Richmond - over 400 Asian restaurants make it the perfect place to find high quality Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Malaysian dishes at reasonable prices. Aberdeen Centre, Yaohan Centre and Parker Place all offer unique shopping experiences as does the Richmond night market.


There are several unique neighbourhoods in Richmond - the quaint and historical Steveston right at the mouth of the Fraser River, with its huge fishing fleet and fun shopping, dining and farmers market, the Golden Village with dozens of Asian shopping areas, restaurants and the flavour of the Far East and a more natural experience in the Terra Nova area which has many km of walking and biking trails and is home to thousands of birds.