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Rotterdam: The Euromast - Abseiling and other activities

Abseiling from the Euromast
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Constructed in the 1960s as a flagship for Holland’s annual flower event Floriade, the Euromast is still Rotterdam’s tallest building, standing at 185 m. The Euromast boasts several restaurants, a hotel and is a true Rotterdam landmark. The concrete tower and the crow’s nest resemble a ship’s mast and they are an homage to Rotterdam’s special relationship with water.  


If you just want to enjoy the view over Rotterdam, you can have a cup of coffee or a bite to eat in the panoramic restaurant, located at 96 m. above the ground. A truly exhilarating but equally comfortable night’s sleep can be had at the Euromast Hotel. The two suites are at 122 m. above ground level floor, so you’ll definitely be sleeping high and mighty.


One of the most thrilling activities on the Euromast is to go abseiling from a special balcony, 100 m. above the ground.  Whether you are experienced or not, abseiling from Rotterdam’s tallest building is without a doubt the most thrilling activity, making your trip to Rotterdam one you’ll never forget.


Another thrilling activity offered on the Euromast is the ‘tokkelbaan’. Safely attached to a cable you will glide down all the way to the ground from the balcony. If anything, this is the quickest way to get down, plus it will save you a trip in the elevator!