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Ruhr Valley Bridge, Muehlheim

Confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr Rivers

RWE Building in Essen

The Ruhr Museum in Essen

Duisburg-Nord Industrial Landscape Park

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Ruhr Valley – a combination of industrial heritage and great attractions.......


The Ruhr Valley is bounded by the river Lippe to the north, the Rhine River to the west, the Ruhr to the south and the towns of Schwerte, Unna and Kamen in the east. The region is mostly known for its industrial heritage rather than for much scenery, but the Ruhr valley has over the years changed from a coal mining region into a landscaped area of parks, beautiful gardens, canals and lakes.


Nowhere else in Germany are so many spectacular sights located so close to each other. In this extraordinary location, you'll find a whole variety of things to see and do for everyone’s taste. The Ruhr Valley is full of life and full of contrasts. Its population is dense, therefore there's always something going on. The towns and cities in the Ruhr region offer a number of exciting attractions, from Europe's largest shopping mall, extraordinary exhibition venues, museums and theme parks to the glittering world of musicals, theatre and concerts. Naturally, there's also a wide range of sporting activities including football, ultra-modern action sports and even winter sports!


Discover the region's fascinating industrial heritage, past and present, among the monuments of the coal and steel industries! A cycle tour of the industrial heritage sites illustrates the diversity of the area. Discover the restored mine workers' estates like Margaretenhöhe in Essen, or the palatial villa owned by the Krupp family.


There are around 200 km of exciting waterways in the region waiting to be explored - either by motorboat or on a more leisurely-paced cruise boat. In some towns you can tour the sights by vintage tram whilst learning interesting facts about the town's history, its architecture and the history of coal mining here.


Save a day to visit the Movie Park in Bottrop and enjoy its shows, breathtaking rides and attractions – fun for the entire family! Or visit the world's longest indoor ski slope, the Alpincenter in the heart of the region.


Skiing is not the only sport the Rhur Valley is famous for: When people talk about sport in the Ruhrgebiet, they usually mean football. Nowhere else in Germany you’ll find as many football clubs in such a small area and nowhere else is the competition between clubs as high as here. Watch a Bundesliga game at the Westphalia Stadium or the Schalke Arena. The atmosphere is incredible.


Other highlights of the regions are the annual Ruhr Festival, Crange Town fair and Carnival.