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Well over a 100 languages are spoken in Toronto, a reflection of the incredible diversity of Canada’s largest city, the choice destination for most immigrants to Canada. This diversity translates through to the dining options in Toronto. Everything from the curry houses in little India to some of the best Greek food outside of Greece combine with the best of French and other European cuisine. Asian food is very well represented as well, but where Toronto really shines is in those exclusive restaurants where these cuisines combine into new fusion food. Maple syrup with French dishes, crepes with Mexican fillings, and almost any other possible combination of flavours can be found. 


The city can be divided into cultural communities where it is possible to explore not just the restaurants but also the coffee houses, stores and community rhythms, so you feel transported to another country. In Toronto it is possible to feel as if you had breakfast in England, lunch in Bangkok and dinner in Paris -  all within a few kilometres of each other.


Then there are restaurants which not only stimulate your palate but also offer a feast for your eyes – places like 360, named for the 360 degree view you get of Toronto from 351 metres in the air, as the restaurant slowly revolves around the spire of the CN Tower.


Some of Toronto’s best include not only the haute cuisine of Canoe but also the authentic taste of Italy at Terroni, or the combination of theatre and taste at Benihanna of Tokyo, where your food is cooked with great flair directly in front of you. There are restaurants where you can eat great burgers, steaks, tacos or sushi, and Mongolian grills. Indeed pretty much any type of food you desire can be found in Toronto.

Some suggestions:




Benihana – the Fairmont Royal York



La Vecchia Ristorante

El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant

TOCA by Tom Brodi