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Sandwich Isle Bread Company at Waimea Town Market

Chef Kevin slides dough into the hot oven
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By: Kris Bordessa


"There’s a certain romance to baking bread this way,” says Chef Kevin Cabrera as he slides crusty loaves from his wood-fired oven. Cabrera owns Sandwich Isle Bread Company along with his wife, Kay. Their booth, complete with wood-fired oven, is a fixture at the popular Waimea Town Market. 


In the early hours, Cabrera pulls his dome-shaped portable oven into place on dewy grass. He kindles a fire inside the oven, adding kiawe wood until the internal temperature reaches 800 blazing degrees. By the time the market opens, tables are piled high with perfect loaves of pane pugliese, olive herb bread, and sprouted rye that are a testament to his timing and patience.

Sandwich Isle Bread Company made its debut at the market in 2008, quickly developing a following. “It turned into a niche thing and people seemed ready for it,” he says. So many people were ready, in fact, that Kevin has added a second wood-fired oven with twice the capacity as the first, and he bakes all day Friday in preparation for the Saturday market. He varies his selection each week, exercising his creative freedom, but he always makes sourdough. “My customers have gotta have their sourdough.”

Pick up a loaf of Kevin’s bread or sample the pastries that are Kay’s specialty on Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon at the Waimea Town Market at Parker School.