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Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place

Third Street Promenade at Night

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Santa Monica: the quintessential California shopping spot


Santa Monica is the quintessential California shopping destination with its sun speckled shopping spots, al fresco dining and shopping and chic tree lined streets. There are a few key districts within Santa Monica that offer all from casual to couture from unique boutique to the well-known international names. It’s a shopper’s paradise for locals and tourists alike. So, if you want to look like a celeb or simply shop with one, this is your definitive go-to on the west side.


From big brands like American Apparel, Abercrombie & Fitch, Anthropologie  and everyone’s favorite fashion forward bargain Forever 21, to the many chic boutiques like Fred Segal to the cutting edge street performers, where a star may or may not be born, to the carts filled with jewels, crafts and unique gifts to take home, 3rd St Promenade has it all in fashion forward spades.


In between your shopping, there are several al fresco dining options where you can live like a local, soaking up the sun and the So Cal casual lifestyle. Before you know it, you’ll be stepping out like a local in Santa Monica fashion.


A few streets off of the Promenade, Main Street in Santa Monica is but a few steps away from the beach and the crashing waves.  It’s where the chic retreat. This is an authentic slice of local life where Angelenos can be seen biking, walking dogs, grabbing a latte, a giggle, a yoga class or simply slipping in to something fashionable at one of the many seaside boutiques.


At night time it’s a buzz with gallery hopping and casual dining. So, if you want to know what it’s like to live like a local, hang around Main Street for a quick minute. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the many boards as it’s also surf central.


On the west side of town, on the opposite side of The Promenade, on a tree lined street, you have the luxe driven Montana Avenue where celebs are seen sipping coffee, popping in to bistros, bakeries and the trendiest of boutiques. Expect a high ticket, top notch noshing and luxurious designs on this side of town.


Finally, Santa Monica Place is the 'it' spot for shopping on the west side. This newly opened fashion forward oasis has cutting edge cuisine and couture on each floor.  After a full day of shopping in this open air retail spot, you can retreat to the top for rooftop dining and expansive ocean views.  Santa Monica Place is the way shopping was meant to be.


Before you reach for your rooftop bubbles, be sure to pop in to the world famous Kitson for celeb spotting and tracking up to the minute trends. Then it’s all about the B’s; Bloomies, Barney’s, Burberry and Betsey Johnson. For So Cal casual and or resort wear, slip in to Eva Varro for her body hugging slip dresses, tops and pants. It’s a fave with the celeb set.


How does one fit in all this fashion? Easy! You can start your day on the Promenade and walk right in to the Santa Monica Place, hitting Montana Avenue on your way in for bakeries and boutiques and Main Street on the way out for art and ambiance. This shopping hot spot is a mere 13 miles from the heart of downtown LA. So, start shopping!