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Cheese is usually stored on wooden shells

For the real Delftware you must go to Delft

Stroopwafels, a typical Dutch delicacy

Flower bulbs on display

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Shopping in the Netherlands: A few essential ideas and tips





  • Try the delicious “stroopwafels”
  • Buy tulip bulbs
  • Go to local specialists for cheese
  • Clogs at De Zaanse Schans
  • Go to Delft to find the real pottery



The Netherlands is known for some very special products: flowers, cheese, Delftware, stroopwafels. But where do you go to find the best ones? Chichaku gives you some tips.


A souvenir that is great to take home is Holland’s most recognizable export product: tulips. But bring the bulbs. Every spring you’ll be reminded of Holland in all its colorful floral splendor, transforming your garden into a miniature version of a flower field. Flower bulbs (but mostly their adult, full grown counterparts) can be admired at Amsterdam’s Flower Market, which lies along the Singel. We advise you buy your bulbs at Schiphol Airport or designated shops that sell bulbs especially approved for countries imposing laws on importing plants and seeds.


Delicacies most sought after by locals and foreign visitors include stroopwafels (syrup filled waffles) and hard cheeses in all varieties. You can buy these in every single supermarket, but top quality ones are found in specialized shops. Bakeries are the best places to go for stroopwafels, and cheese can be found in local cheese shops. The good ones offer a great variety of cheeses, varying from Old Amsterdam, to Edam and Gouda and the very young grass cheese (best in spring). You can find specialist shops in every town. Ask them to seal the cheese so you can take it home.


Museum Park De Zaanse Schans is not only a great place to go and see windmills; it also a top location for buying clogs, the solid wooden shoes that farmers used to walk on. At Zaanse Schans, you will find a broad selection in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The clog makers are located in Warehouse De Vreede, where you can also admire beautiful clogs from the old days in the clog museum.     


Another souvenir that will last forever is the beautiful Delft pottery. The best place to get the pottery is, of course, Delft. At the main square of the town, the Grote Markt, you will find a large number of shops that sell the pottery. But why not go to De Porceleyne Fles, the only remaining Delftware factory in the country? A visit is a great opportunity to learn more about the extraordinary pottery.