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Shoreline Tours and Charters, Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada



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May 1st – September 30th 

Join us for a 2 hour cruise along the west side of the lake, past the mouth of the Harrison River and up around the far side of Echo Island to view the rock formations and emerald green water of Echo Bay. From there we cruise to Fossil Bay and then on to Cascade Bay to experience the beauty of Rainbow Falls. Keep your eyes peeled for the Sasquatch as we head back down the east side of the lake past Sasquatch Provincial Park. 


FARES (Cdn $ subject to HST) SCHEDULE
Adults $34.00 (April—May—June—September)
Seniors $31.00 Monday—Friday 1pm tour
Children (15 and under) $20.00 Saturday & Sunday 1pm and 3:30pm
Children 5 and under: free (July and August)
  Daily tours 1pm and 3:30pm






October 1st – November 30th


Discover the pristine, emerald waters of the Harrison River and view for yourself the many species of Salmon (Coho, Chinook, Chum, Pink & Sockeye) who arrive from the ocean to spawn each year. The Harrison River is a great place to view the magnificent North American Bald Eagle. In the fall they congregate here by the thousands, following the salmon to the spawning grounds of the upper Harrison River. Seals can also be seen frolicking and gorging on the abundance of food.



FARES (Cdn $ subject to HST) SCHEDULE
Adults $45.00 (October 1st to November 30th )
Children (15 and under) $20.00 Departs Daily —1:00pm
Children  5 and under free
Returns — 4:00pm





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