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Short-trip recommendations for your stay in Potsdam


Filmpark Babelsberg is a great and fun excursion for the whole family
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Potsdam is like an island amidst numerous lakes and the Havel river landscape. Idyllic nature, combined with beautiful castles and parks, make a visit to Potsdam and its surrounding regions a much-remembered experience.

Generally speaking we recommend that you explore Potsdam and much of its beautiful surrounding from the water. Modern cruise ships and beautifully restored steamers depart from the centre of Potsdam for day cruises, circle tours and special trips. A favourite tour is the Impressions of Palaces by Night tour that passes the gloriously illuminated Hohenzollern palaces.

Another highly recommended excursion is a visit to Babelsberg and the film park there. Babelsberg is the largest district of Potsdam. Because of its glamorous past as a centre for the movie-industry, it is also called Potsdam’s Beverly Hills. Taking a walk through the residential area of (New) Babelsberg with its beautiful villas and mansions will give you a glimpse into the exclusive lifestyle of movie stars and celebrities. Famous people such as the Bauhaus-master Mies van der Rohe and movie stars like the great Marlene Dietrich once lived here. The Studio Babelsberg is the oldest large-scale film studio in the world and since 1912, film history has been written here. Over 3,000 films and TV-productions have been created here. In the past few years, movies such as The Reader (featuring Kate Winslet) and Inglorious Bastards by Quentin Tarantino were shot at this location. At the film park, you can take a peek behind the scenes of television. Watch a stunt show, experience an authentic submarine set or be thrilled by 4D-Action Cinema. Whatever attraction you chose, it is definitely unforgettable as you get a vivid impression of real movie-behind-the-scenes atmosphere.

A day-trip that nature enthusiasts will love, is an excursion to the Spree Forest, that is located about 100 km south-east of Potsdam. The Spree Forest is a unique landscape of marshland, forests and meadows that are shaped by countless waterways. Many places, such as Luebben and Burg, offer traditional punting trips through the impressive water labyrinth. You will pass by 200 year old houses and experience traditional customs and handicrafts that have been kept alive for centuries. Make sure that you try the famous Spree Forest pickled cucumbers that are sold by the local farmers along the waterways. The remarkable region of the Spree Forest has been recognized by the UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.