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View onto St. Moritz and its lake

View of St. Moritz on the shores of the lake

Night in St. Moritz

Aerial cable car leading to Piz Nair in the St. Moritz skiing area

Night in St. Moritz

Winter dusk at Lake Staz near St. Moritz

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St. Moritz – one of Europe’s best known vacation spots and the most elegant one for sure


Who hasn’t heard of St. Moritz being the cradle of winter tourism and a hotspot for the rich and beautiful? But St. Moritz is obviously more than that. St. Moritz is the oldest winter holiday destination in the world (since 1859) and its popularity isn’t surprising when you consider the region's perfect mix of a breathtaking landscape, good weather, great choice of outdoor activities and some of the best hotels in the world. 


Besides its jet set atmosphere, St. Moritz is especially known for its sun, which shines over 300 days a year. Located in the beautiful upper Engadine valley on the southern side of the Swiss Alps, this small resort town (population approx. 5,200) offers a great variety of outdoor activities in the summer and winter alike. Whether you want to bike, hike, ski, snowboard, golf or spoil yourself with a luxurious spa treatment, St. Moritz and its nearby surroundings can offer all that at a premium level. 


Even though you won’t find many museums, unique exhibitions of art or outstanding historic architecture in St. Moritz, there is a lot to do aside from sports. The town’s original fame derives from its therapeutic springs,  that have been known for over 3000 years and are still in use today. Leisure activities may include relaxing treatments at the spa, walking and experiencing nature, walking on the traces of the world-famous Heidi movie and a visit to the Heidi hut; also visit the Olympic sites, drive the surrounding pass roads by motorbike and enjoy panoramic views of the Alpine Mountains. 


A vacation in St. Moritz can be an all-in-one deal offering you nature, culture, sport, tranquillity and glamour.


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