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St. Tropez - have a taste of the jet set lifestyle


The Restaurant l'Auberge des Maures
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It’s hard to believe today that St. Tropez was once a small fishing village on the Cote D’Azur. Today it is a byword for rich and beautiful people, celebrities and the jet set lifestyle.

Usually called St. Trop by those in the know, which is amusing as ‘trop’ is French for ‘excess’, St. Tropez is a fascinating cliché. The best way to arrive in St. Tropez is by yacht as all the celebrities tend to do, but even if you come the more usual way by plane you will still be welcome as long as you bring your money.

Stars began arriving in St. Tropez back in the 1920s drawn by its reputation as a haunt of artists who themselves had come for the bright Mediterranean light. The beaches to the south called the Baie de Pampelonne, or also called Grania, are still beautiful and offer the best in windsurfing, scuba diving or just people watching.

But the best place to watch people is in St. Tropez’s Vieux Port, or Old Port. Here you can get an outside table at a bar or restaurant and look straight at one of the world’s most expensive yacht parks. The wealth on display is impressive and between bar and yacht is one of the best and continuous fashion parades you will ever see.

If shopping is what you crave, there is no shopping centre as such in St. Tropez but the beachfronts have plenty of shops to choose from. Search out the Old Town of Saint Tropez where you will find the big and famous fashion boutiques, which come in all shapes and sizes. On the Rue Georges Clémenceau there are all kinds of shops and it’s a popular spot all week long

And if beach life becomes too much, don’t forget this is also wine country. The Côte de Provence has many famous vineyards and wines, some surprisingly close to Saint Tropez, where you can visit and taste too.

Should you still be in the mood for action after wine, then cycling, fishing, golf, horse riding, parasailing, sailing, scuba diving, swimming and windsurfing are all available under that brilliant blue Mediterranean sky.