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Dining in Steveston

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By Jonathon Reynolds


Direct from the fishermen to the restaurant – dining in Steveston Richmond.


Steveston is a small village nestled in the southwest corner of the City of Richmond. In addition to great whale watching, shopping and other activities Steveston is a great place to eat. Located at the mouth of the Fraser River it is still a working fishing port and is home to Canada’s largest commercial fishing fleet. That means the seafood here is excellent, fresh off the boat. On a clear day the white cone of Mount Baker and the green covered Gulf Islands provide a beautiful backdrop which might encourage visitors to chose to dine outside in the summer months. There is a wide range of dining options from the gourmet French inspired food at the Tapenade to original the 1970’s decor and cheap and cheerful food at Dave’s Fish and Chips.


We chose four favourites from the 56 dining establishments in Steveston: The first two are a little more upscale and the second two more relaxed and down to earth.


  1. The Tapenade Bistro – opened in 2003 this place quickly became the gourmet destination in Steveston. A French influenced menu combined with local fresh west coast ingredients and a substantial wine list make sure that your dining experience here is superb. Not stuffy just excellent food at reasonable prices.
  2. Just a few steps away half of the Blue Canoe Waterfront Restaurant is built out over the water. Right on the waterfront with views of the boats on which much of the dinners food was caught the Blue Canoe is a very scenic place to eat. Specializing in seafood and it also has a lounge style sports bar attached for a more relaxed experience. Oh, there is a canoe hanging from the ceiling but it is not blue…it does have a sign on it that says ‘this canoe is blue’ – ask one of the staff for the story.


For something simpler and quicker Steveston is an excellent place to try out some traditional and not so traditional fish and chips.


  1. Dave's is Steveston's original Fish & Chips shop and is still serving in the same building that it started in over 30 years ago. They have traditional breaded Cod and Halibut but also have breaded Shrimp and Salmon.
  2. For something a bit more fun try Pajo’s Fish and Chips where the whole restaurant is floating on a barge. Families in particular like eating at the big picnic tables on the barge just downstream from Fisherman’s Wharf. It is an easy walk along the seaside boardwalk from the centre of town.