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Polo is a much loved sport on Sylt Island

Enjoy the idyllic landscapes of Sylt

Complete your day with a picturesque sunset at the beach

The beautiful Red Cliff on Sylt

The famous lighthouse of Sylt – a must-see

Sylt is famous for its sandy beaches - even in the wintertime

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Sylt Island – First Lady of the North Sea and Island of many faces


Sylt, at 100 km², is the largest and most northerly of Germany’s North Sea Islands. Its climate is influenced by the Gulf Stream. The island has approximately 40 km of the finest sandy beaches along its west coast, the ideal place to forget all your cares, relax and enjoy the magnificent panoramic sea views. 40 km long, but just 500 meters wide in certain places, the island of Sylt is located off the Schleswig-Holstein coast, resembling a gigantic breakwater.

Swim in the sea, enroll yourself in water sport activities and soak up the great atmosphere – then, in the evening, watch the sunset. The changing colors of the sky are simply amazing. In the east of the island you'll find tranquil coastal mudflats, unspoilt dunes, verdant dykes, flowering heathland and majestic cliffs.


The island has a wealth of unspoilt countryside. Almost half of the island consists of protected sites or conservation areas.


In the 19th century, the population of Sylt discovered tourism as a source of income, when people started coming to the newly opened seaside resort “Westerland”, which is today considered the “island’s lively center”. Westerland offers a fascinating blend of nature, luxury, relaxation and high-caliber events. It is the place for parties, informal get-togethers, classical concerts and beach parties. Enjoy the island’s fantastic nightlife, with numerous bistros; discotheques and cafés playing dance music.


Today, the island counts 11 little villages, each and every one different in its charm, landscape and atmosphere. The island of Sylt has many different faces and thanks to its luxurious bars, restaurants, spas, recreation centers and leisure facilities, it is often referred to as the “Island of the Rich”.


Visit the Ellenbogen, the most northerly point of Sylt (and Germany), located in the city of List. The List Harbor is a must on your agenda, as well as the Ellenbogen Nature Conversation Area.


If you are looking for pure luxury and cosmopolitan flair, visit the city of Kampen, often described as “exclusive and sophisticated”. Kampen is where the celebrities spend their time on the island.


As a family, your best choice may be a trip to Wenningstedt, an ideal destination for families with young children.


In the eastern part of Sylt you'll find the resorts Tinnum, Keitum, Munkmarsch, Archsum and Morsum and some of the island's most spectacular scenery. These villages are mostly known for their Frisian houses with their traditional thatched roofs.