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The Bavarian Film Park—a world of fantasy


Stereoscopic cinema at the Bavarian Film Studios
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Located approximately 25 km outside of Munich, you’ll find the famous Bavaria Film Park, home to numerous world famous movies and TV shows.

The first studio was built in 1919, at the location in Munich-Geiselgasteig founded by the film producer Peter Ostermayr. Today, the Film Studio complex consists of a total of 10 studios (160,000 square feet) in Munich-Geiselgasteig and 8 studios (72,000 square feet) in Munich-Unterfoehring. The entire property measures approximately 1.1 million square feet.  

A trip to the Bavarian Film Studios is fun for people of all ages. While kids explore the original setting of the Never Ending Story and enjoy a ride on the dragon Fuchor, parents may be more interested in exploring the setting and the submarine of the famous movie Das Boot.

The Film Studios are not only home to German movies and TV shows: The Film Studio complex also hosts numerous talk shows, photo shoots, trade shows, shopping shows, entertainment shows, theater shows, operas, musicals and miscellaneous other events.

Musicals like Starlight Express, Tristan and Isolde and West Side Story have rehearsed their performances at the Bavarian Filmpark. Photo shoots for name brands like BMW, Escada, Haribo, Mercedes-Benz and T-Mobile also take place in the facilities.

The Bavarian Film GmbH is one of the largest service providers in film and television. The company caters to projects of all sizes: movies, TV, theater, musicals and many other events. Guided tours around the studios take approximately 90 minutes. Guided tours in English are available daily at 1pm.

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Public Transit:
Tram line 25 to Grünwald.
Take exit Bavariafilmplatz.

By car:
Via Grünwalder Straße to Grünwald/Bad Tölz.
Follow the sign Bavaria Filmstadt in Grünwald-Geiselgasteig.
(Estimated travel time Munich-Geiselgasteig: 20 min/10km)

Opening hours:
1 March - 6 November: 9 am - 4 pm, open daily
7 November - 28 February 10 am - 3 pm, open daily