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Windmills: great water managers

The canals and their quaint bridges

Various old Dutch cities feature the typical canal houses

tulips blossoming in spring time

Bikes are the best way to get around in The Netherlands

Rembrandt’s paintings still inspire a lot of people

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The Netherlands: country of water and flowers




  • Biggest harbor in Europe
  • Great water works 
  • Bikes 
  • Canals
  • Flower fields
  • Wind mills 
  • Seventeenth century art



The Netherlands: by many known for its flowers, cheese, coffee shops and Vincent van Gogh. By others for its Delftware pottery, quaint canal houses, Rembrandt van Rijn and bike culture. Whether you are into architecture, art, shopping or food, the Netherlands has got it all. The country, with approximately 16.5 million inhabitants, borders Belgium in the south, Germany in the east and the North Sea in the north and west. Most people live in the western part of the country, concentrated in various cities and towns. Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, has no more than 800,000 inhabitants. It is very easy to get from one town to the other. Often it takes no more than 30 minutes by train. This small-scale makes the country feel very pleasant, safe and cozy.


When visiting the quaint cities Amsterdam, Delft or Utrecht, you will notice that many of the beautiful canal buildings have a very similar style. That’s because they are all built in the seventeenth century, the Golden Era of the Dutch.The seventeenth century was also a period with a strong focus on art and created opportunities for many artists, Rembrandt van Rijn being the most famous from that period. Their work still has a large influence.     

More than anything, the Netherlands is a country of water. The Netherlands is home to the biggest harbor of Europe, Rotterdam, that is often called the “Gateway of Europe”. Among the most important trading products are flowers, grown on the beautiful flower fields that are a must-see in springtime, when they are in full bloom.    

The Netherlands has always struggled with the power of all the water that surrounds it. A large part of the country is below sea level, so floods used to happen quite regularly. The country however came up with some very effective and innovative solutions: the dike and polder system, with the windmills pumping the water out of the polders. The most famous dike is the Afsluitdijk, which is over 30 kms long and cuts off the North Sea from the lake the IJsselmeer. Another impressive system is the Delta Works, in the southern province of Zeeland. This huge set of dams keeps the water off the land and in the sea.     

The country is very flat, which makes it perfect for biking. Every single person in the country owns a bike and when you come here, it is definitely worth making a bike tour yourself.