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The Tulip Festival in Agassiz

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A great destination for an outing on a sunny spring day is the Tulip Festival in Agassiz in April. Depending on the weather the festival can run for about 2 or 3 weeks. Around this time of year temperatures in southwestern BC are usually still fairly cool, which means the tulips will last quite long. With the mountains as a backdrop, the mosaic of colours is sure to impress and it’s not difficult to find numerous viewpoints from where you can take beautiful photos.


There’s a small farmers market on site, where you can buy honey, free range chicken, jam, pies, fudge and perennials. Of course freshly cut tulips are for sale as well.


The drive from Vancouver to the Tulip Festival site is about 1½ hours. Paid parking is available at more than 500 meters from the fields. Location of parking is at #77 Lougheed Highway, Agassiz.


The walking path to get to and around the fields can be somewhat wet and muddy, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear . 


For opening hours and entrance fees check the website: