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There's a good choice of accommodation in the Grand Canyon

The Best Western offers inexpensive accommodation in Tusayan
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There is a good choice of accommodation when visiting the Grand Canyon, although if you want to stay in Grand Canyon Village on the very edge of the Canyon you should choose and book your accommodation as far ahead as possible. There are several hotels there in different price ranges, but the Grand Canyon is also one of the most popular tourist sites in the world so accommodation is booked up quickly.


There are several rustic-style lodges in Grand Canyon Village, and these offer the least expensive rooms that are closest to the Canyon rim. These are the Maswik Lodge, the Thunderbird and Kachina Lodges, and the Yavapai Lodge. The Yavapai Lodge is the largest of the options, and so provides the best chance of finding a room, though some of the upper rooms on the canyon side of both these lodges do provide a partial canyon view. The Maswik lodge is set further back from the Canyon, a short walk to the rim.


The best place to stay is undoubtedly the El Tovar, a historic hotel built right on the canyon rim in 1905, when the trains first brought tourists to the Grand Canyon. It retains its historic charms and hunting lodge feel, and its three best suites have private decks overlooking the Canyon. Not surprisingly these can be booked up a year in advance. The Bright Angel Lodge is also a good choice but the accommodation is fairly simple when compared to the El Tovar.


If Grand Canyon Village rooms are fully booked, the nearest accommodation is to be found in the village of Tusayan, about 6 miles (10 kms) south. One of the best here is the Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn which is a very comfortable resort with a fitness center, whirpool spa, sauna, salon, bowling alley, and an outdoor swimming pool in the summer. It also has one of the best restaurants in the area.


The Red Garter is further away in Williams, about 65 miles (104 kms) from Grand Canyon Village. The Red Garter has a lively history as in its early days it was a saloon with a brothel upstairs and an opium den at the back. It retains a sense of fun, has just four guest bedrooms, and is right on the old Route 66.


Also on Route 66 in Williams is the fun Canyon Motel and RV Park, where among the room options is the chance to stay in an authentic 1929 bright red Santa Fe railway caboose. They're perfect for families, while you can also stay in one of the original Route 66 motel rooms.


A very different but equally wild west experience is to be had at the Grand Canyon Ranch Resort, which is on the West Rim, not the South Rim as the other hotels are. It's a good choice if driving to Arizona from Las Vegas, as it is only about two hours away from Vegas. It offers horseback rides, has its own bison herd, and you can also camp out overnight cowboy-style if you wish. You can also travel there in style, by helicopter from Las Vegas, as the owner has his own helicopter fleet offering rides over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.


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