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Trendy shopping in Rotterdam’s Witte de Withstraat

Rotterdam’s museum night is set in Witte de With
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Witte de Withstraat is Rotterdam’s equivalent of the Nine Streets in Amsterdam. Named after Witte de With, a famous Dutch seafarer, the street still seems to take a tendency towards its namesake’s fame and fortune: bringing cultures and new ideas together. Artsy stores, original restaurants, galleries and even museums make up for one of Holland’s coolest streets. Witte de Withstraat can definitely be dubbed a lifestyle street, rather than just another shopping street and it is the beating heart of Rotterdam’s art scene.

Holland’s no nonsense answer to lavish Victoria’s Secret is Dutch lingerie prodigy Marlies Dekkers, who has recently set up a store in the Witte de Withstraat. Marlies Dekker’s underwear line is a true worldwide hit, worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga, housewives and all women in between. Treat yourself one of her high quality designs that are surprisingly affordable and discover why many women won’t wear anything else.

Vlaams Broodhuys (Flemish Bread House), where fresh breads and other baked specialties are sold, is the hottest new thing in Rotterdam and Holland. You can enjoy your order eating in or taking out. Find it just off Witte de Withstraat.

Hotel annex restaurant Bazar is a great example of how Witte de Withstraat attracts fresh new concepts that don’t seem to be hung up on being defined as merely a store, a restaurant or a hotel. Bazar is a crossroad of cultures, concepts and services, and is an homage to Rotterdam’s multicultural heritage and background. Enjoy tasteful dishes in Bazar’s popular restaurant or get a good night’s sleep in one of the themed and trendy rooms.

After a day of shopping, De Witte Aap is the perfect spot for drinks and it makes for a popular hangout after office hours. Record stores and the trendier clothes stores in Witte de Withstraat also sell tickets to underground parties, for which Rotterdam has built itself a solid name over the past 20 years.