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Victoria – City of Gardens and warm hospitality

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Located at the southern end of Vancouver Island, with its mild climate, beautiful natural surroundings and lots to do, Victoria is not only home to a large student population, but also a popular place for retirees to live out their dreams, as well as for tourists from around the world to come and enjoy this piece of paradise. Victoria welcomes them with open arms with a multitude of accommodations.


It’s hard to miss the regal Fairmont Empress Hotel on the Inner Harbour. It’s one of the oldest buildings in town, but beautifully renovated. Even if you’re staying at more modest lodgings, you should consider going there for its famous Afternoon Tea.

Many of Victoria’s attractions are located right in the downtown area, which is quite walkable. Staying in one of the many accommodations right in the downtown or around the Inner Harbour makes it easy to explore on foot.

Many of the Bed and Breakfasts (why B&B?) and hotels in Victoria are located in heritage buildings, decorated and furnished with meticulous attention to the smallest detail. Of course there’s also a variety of excellent more contemporary hotels in the various price ranges to choose from. In the more inexpensive range you’ll also be able to find good, clean and comfortable rooms near where the action is.

If you’re planning your trip to Victoria in the summer, make your reservation early, especially if your visit coincides with one of the many festivals or other events during the high season. Keep in mind that rates are considerably higher then. Good deals are to be had between October and May. Spas are often offered as part of a package, so check this out before you make your booking to make sure you get the best rate. If you don’t mind paying extra for it, you may want to ask for a room with a view, if that applies to the hotel of your choice.

Just a half hour drive from Victoria, you’ll find all sorts of great Bed and Breakfasts, resorts and inns. Some may be right on the ocean, some may be located next to a harbor and some perched on a mountain top.

This “City of Gardens” is often the destination of choice for newly-weds. If you are looking for just the right place for you and your loved one, you’ll find it here, maybe in an Edwardian mansion, richly furnished with elegant antiques and fine linens, or perhaps something a little more rustic is your style. If you prefer a garden suite, with a private entrance and your own kitchen, a boutique hotel with funky furnishings, or your own cozy cabin away from civilization, Victoria has what you’re looking for.