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Visit the International Market Place for bargains and fun

The entrance to the famous open-air market
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The bazaar-like setting of the famed International Market Place has been drawing Hawaii visitors for more than 50 years. Situated under a giant banyan tree, the jumble of vendors’ carts and kiosks are a riot of color, piled high with coral and shell jewelry, silk flower lei, aloha wear, pareos, and koa wood trinkets. Vendors hawk their wares and many are willing to barter over prices. The open-air market is such a maze of treasure hunting that there’s actually a yellow line painted on the ground so shoppers can find their way out.


The periphery of the market has grown to include brick and mortar stores like Crazy Shirt and Quicksilver, but most of the merchandise consists of unbranded import items or one-of-a-kind locally produced pieces.

Certainly, the prime focus here is shopping, but you can also get an island themed manicure, a henna tattoo, or a temporary airbrush tattoo at the Market Place. Artisans frequently work on paintings or sculptures as shoppers watch. And there’s entertainment, too. Local musicians bring an island vibe, steel drummers keep the beat, and hula dancers gracefully sway. If you’re hungry, the food court offers casual fare for shoppers and a few restaurants feature sit down dining.