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Whale watching in British Columbia

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British Columbia has over 27,000 km of coastline if you include the shores of all the hundreds of Islands. With all this shoreline there comes a lot of ocean. The ocean here is rich in marine life and every year thousands of people see whales, orcas, grey whales, humpback whales and the smaller cousins, dolphins and porpoises.

Over 40 companies in British Columbia are ready to take you to see some whales. They will teach you about these huge mammals as well and you will learn the vocabulary; spout, breach, spyhop, dive and lobtail are all manoeuvres you might see a whale do while you are out in a boat or kayak – in their element.


There are both resident and transient whale populations especially in the Georgia Strait and the success rate of whale sitings on a professional whale watching trip is well over 80%. While you are waiting to see whales you might also see seals, otters and sea lions in the water as well as eagles and other marine birds in the air. No matter what the scenery around you will be spectacular from the backdrop of Mount Baker as you leave Steveston or Victoria to the rugged coastline of the Gulf Islands and the Johnstone Strait area. Almost as soon as you leave port it will feel as if you are entering a wilderness or semi-wilderness area. A 15 minute boat trip from downtown Victoria will find you bobbing beside cliffs watching an eagle soar and whales spout.


Make sure to bring your camera!



Places to go to watch whales and other marine life in  British Columbia:


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