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Whatever your taste buds crave, Whistler is sure to have a spot to satisfy your hunger and your thirst


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In the village of Whistler - with just over 10,000 full-time residents - the main focus is having fun, recreation and indulgence. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the selection of dining and drinking options  - there is everything from a quick slope side snack to a long romantic dinner and pretty much everything in between. Picnics by the lake and wine cellars full of champagne, pubs and gourmet take-out – the problem in Whistler is not where to eat, but rather how to stop eating. It is a good thing there are so many recreational activities to help burn off the extra calories.


A few suggestions of eating options:


On the more expensive end of the scale, Araxi's combines fine dining, a great wine list and a locally inspired menu.  


The Aubergine Grill offers everything from a gourmet breakfast buffet to dinner.


The Bearfoot Bistro brings theatre to the table, as well as featuring the work of one of Canada’s top chefs and a huge champagne cellar.


Of course this is ski country, so fondue is on the menu at a few places like the Bavaria Restaurant or Crepe Montagne.


For a more eclectic choice try the Mix by Ric’s, or the Brewhouse, where you can also sip local fresh brews like the ‘Lifty' lager.


Several places offer take-out and delivery and given the large number of all suite hotels – each with a full kitchen – there is a big market for dining in the comfort of your hotel after a long day exploring, biking, hiking, golfing or skiing.