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What’s in a beer?: introduction


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Around the world, specialty beer bars are highlighting the diversity of beer styles.

 By: Stephen Beaumont 


Beer as a beverage takes many different forms. Although globally the most popular version is pale gold, lightly flavoured and served quite cold, beer can just as easily be robust and fruity, dry and sparkling or deep black and roasty. 






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Beer comes in all sorts of flavours, aromas and colours.





What makes the difference, aside from the techniques detailed in the Brewing Basics section, are the materials used in its creation. For although beer is elementally a simple beverage created from four ingredients, the varieties of those ingredients is extensive and their combinations almost unlimited. 

Add in the myriad other ingredients which may be used in brewing, from different kinds of grain to fruits and spices, and you will find that far from being the simplest of alcoholic beverages, beer is most certainly among the most complicated.


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