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View of the Fraumuenster Church and the Church of St. Peter, taking in Lake Zuerich and the Alpine panorama.

Zurich - at the Wuehre square on the Limmat river

Zurich offers a special brand of winter atmosphere. Here the Limmat River, with the Grossmuenster Cathedral in the background.

Zurich - at the Lindenhof square in the old town

Zurich by night

The lakeside promenade boasts an attractive variety of restaurants.

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Zurich – an exciting metropolis by the water


Located at the northern shores of Lake Zurich in close proximity to the mountainous scenery of the Swiss Alps, Zurich is also called “the portal to the Alps”. Zurich is Switzerland’s biggest city in size and population (approx: 370.000) and it ranks among the world’s largest financial centres. Due to the city’s great mixture of attractions, including countless museums, art galleries, architectural highlights, historic squares and a vibrant nightlife, Zurich is a fascinating travel destination. You will love and appreciate the Swiss cities for their laid-back atmosphere and Zurich is the heart of this approach to having a high quality of life. As a matter of fact, Zurich is often said to be the city with the best quality of life in the world. Doesn’t that make you want to visit Zurich and find out for yourself?

As a major art centre, Zurich is home to over 100 galleries and more than 50 museums; among them the Museum of Art (Kunsthaus) and the Rietberg Museum, which features non-European art. So art enthusiasts will definitely get their money’s worth. The Old Town of Zurich is very picturesque and eventful with its many cafés, galleries, antique shops, book stores and fine boutiques. Zurich is also called a shopping El Dorado because here, you don’t just find the renowned international brands of fashion and jewellery but also innovative Zurich labels. And as you stroll and shop through the city, you’ll be amazed by the mix of interesting architecture, churches, works of art and historic squares.


Especially during the summer Lake Zurich is a beautiful place to spend time. With its 3 km of boardwalk, it is the perfect place to stroll with a magnificent view of the Alpine mountains. Taking a cruise around the lake on board an old steam ship, spending time at the Zoo with your kids, visiting the Chinese Garden or escaping into the nearby ski-resort of Flumserberg are other recommended leisure activities to round off your Zurich stay and to recharge your batteries.

In all its facets, Zurich is a truly beautiful and eventful city to visit. It will add a cosmopolitan feel to your Swiss vacation.


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